Percentage Refusal Density / PRD

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Percentage Refusal Density / PRDPercentage Refusal Density / PRD is defined as ratio of the initial dried density of the sample
to the final density (refusal density) expressed a percentage.
Sample Bulk DensityThe sample bulk density is determined
by weighing in air and water.
It is then heated in a split mould and compacted
to refusal using a vibrating hammer.
The final density is obtained by weighing in air and water.
Main Unit
PRD Split Mould and BaseplateWeight 10,7 kg1 set
Vibrating HammerSuitable for compacting asphalt samples. For 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph. Weight 12,5 kg1 set
Small Tamping Foot102 mm diameter1 pcs
Large Tamping Foot146 mm diameter1 pcs
Tamping Foot300mm Shank1 pcs