PT Global Intan Teknindo began operations in the Industrial Solutions industry in 2021, and is now trusted to provide Engineering Solutions for any key government, BUMN, or private company project. PT Global Intan Teknindo, in order to become a great Indonesian engineering solution company and a technology leader, has made an explicit commitment to produce entrepreneurs from their internal manpower. PT Global Intan Teknindo implemented Islamic culture into its operations and administration, such as clean management. In operating this business, PT Global Intan Teknindo applied logic Simulation Systems to guarantee the effective and efficient management those were growing up and profitable.


Global Intan Teknindo is to be a leader in products and services market of test and measurement in Indonesia and to be a competitive international company.


Giving added value for our customers and all stakeholder by applying logic Simulation Systems in guaranteeing our product and service quality in Indonesia which is competitive internationally.

Core Values

In order to handle conflicts and resolve conflicts, we apply values that help provide a moral
compass for all employees in our company.

Bellow are the core values that we implement in our company:

Seeing various life phenomena in a deeper, whole and comprehensive perspective.

Realistic belief in assessing cause and effect that motivates positive action and knowing
one's own skills and abilities as a form of self-knowledge.

Refers to aspects of character, morals which connote positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity and directness in both words and behavior, along with the absence of lies, fraud, betrayal, etc.

As one of the factors that contribute to the success of the company. Trust is expected to be a motivation that will encourage employees to be actively involved in building and advancing the company.

To fulfill one of the characteristics of a good company, all parties (both the company, superiors, and employees) must be able to provide accountability for the mandate given to them.

Commitment to Customers
Provide excellent service oriented to customer satisfaction, ensure product quality in accordance with the price of products that have been offered, provide solutions to customers, and maintain commitment to consumers.

Carrying out work as a passion that creates feelings of happiness and minimizes stress levels in oneself so as to increase work creativity.

Implement the habit of self-control to comply with regulations/procedures and consistency in thinking, acting, and speaking to improve oneself and achieve the company's vision - mission.

Work with creativity armed with good communication and the ability to solve problems faced together.